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The comments we hear most often at Wallis & Son when motorists come into our store to pay for their fuel are: 'This is like an Alladin's cave!' or 'We had no idea you did all this stuff!' and 'We'll be back!'

And they do come back, often with the whole family in tow, to stock up on some of those goods you only ever hear of on American TV. Children and adults alike become excited when they see brand names they hear on Friends or The Simpsons: Twinkies; Hershey's Chocolate; Lucky Charms Breakfast Cereal; Nerds Candy; as well as Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima mixes and sauces.

Wallis & Son's Convenience Store is already popular with Cambridge's large American population, and not just for its American speciality goods.

We stock a variety of specialist ice-creams, including Haagan Dasz, Ben and Jerry's and a selection of organic brands.

For the cigar-lovers out there, we stock Romeo y Julietta and Cohibo Cuban Cigars.

Those with a sweet tooth will like our Bendicks, Green and Blacks and Lindt speciality chocolates, as well as sweets from the Jelly Belly range.

Occasionally we offer more unusual goods such as Marmite Chocolate, and at specific times of the year we sell pumpkins, Thanksgiving-themed goods and gifts. And we always have special offers to tempt you to try something new!

Of course, you can just come in for the usual boring stuff: pay for fuel; stock up on anti-freeze; buy a lottery ticket or a bar of chocolate. But be prepared to be amazed - and to come out with more than you went in for!

Even if you don't need to fill up your engine with our low-priced fuel, the forecourt store is worth a special visit. Wallis & Son is less than two minutes from Junction 12 of the M11, on the A603.

So, with low cost fuel, a convenience store that is rather more than just 'convenient' and all-year-round special offers, what's not to like? As Americans like to say: 'You do the math!'

Filling Station: Wallis & Son runs a popular filling station selling Pace Super Unleaded, Unleaded and Diesel from eight pumps. Most fuel cards are accepted.

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